Matej Sternen

Matej Sternen (b. 20 September 1870 in Verd near Vrhnika, d. 28 June 1949 in Ljubljana) was a painter, graphic artist and restorer. A versatile fine artist, known primarily for oil painting and frescoes, he studied fine arts and crafts in Graz, then at the Vienna Academy of Arts and also at Anton Ažbe’s painting school in Munich.

His study of the craft of painting and personal acquaintances led him to restoration, from which he made a living. From 1898, he worked for the Central Commission, restoring church frescos, and after the First World War, he worked for the Slovenian Monument Office. His restoration work is exceptional; it is almost unbelievable how many simultaneous restoration tasks in different locations he was able to do. He was a great copyist and innovator of techniques for recording frescoes.

Brigita Petek