Marijan Zadnikar

Marijan Zadnikar (b. 27 December 1921 in Novo Mesto, d. 4 October 2005 in Ljubljana) was a Slovenian art historian and conservator. He completed gymnasium studies and in 1949 graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. From 1947 till his retirement he was employed by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, where he was responsible for monuments located in the Štajerska, Prekmurje and Koroška regions and the coastal part of the Primorska region. In 1955 he defended his doctoral thesis on Romanesque architecture in Slovenia. He devoted his life’s work to uncovering and the preservation of Romanesque monuments in the country. He was one of the leaders of the restoration projects at the Stična and Žiče monasteries and supervised the restoration of the St. Vid church in Dravograd and the Rotunda (Church of St. Mary) in Muta. With great enthusiasm he worked on the conservation and preservation of the monuments of the Prekmurje region, as a student he worked on evidencing sacral monuments in the Kočevska region. He followed Stelè’s topography method with detailed notes made directly in the field, later adding sketches and photos. As Head of the Register of Monuments and Topography, he was the first to systematically register votive monuments and to classify them typologically, as he had for Romanesque architecture. He was a member of the terminology committee of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He was an extremely productive writer and wrote several professional and popular science articles, monographs and popular science books. In Europe, he established his reputation as an expert on medieval monastery architecture. He also helped in drafting the criteria for the assessment of the value of monuments to be inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. In 1992 he was granted the Award of the Republic of Slovenia for his scientific and research work; he was made an associate member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences in 1997 and a full member in 2003. Marijan Zadnikar received the Stelè award for lifetime achievement in 2003.

Magda Miklavčič Pintarič